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Gender equality

Gender equality

The publication could be reached here which summarizes the result within the MANORKA project on the field of gender equality.

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Description of the work package:

Equality between man and women at local level (WP 4): supporting gender policy in local government through Norwegian experiences and exchange program of women elected representatives and implementing pilot projects based on Norwegian examples aiming to support the work-life balance of citizens in 5 Hungarian municipalities.

On national level with campaign to tackle or handle stereotypes in the Hungarian society; sharing knowledge about good governance: how to include effectively the equality policy in decision-making and governmental functioning. In Hungary the National Social Inclusion Strategy was recently adopted, which expects that municipalities create new equality plans with more relevance for effective actions on local level.

We will collect the best practices from local governments and exchange experiences with Norwegian municipalities. We will organize a conference in 2015 to reach more elected leaders and offer them to gain better knowledge about strategic planning and policy making in equality policy.


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