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Ministry of Public Administration and Justice (KIM)

Ministry of Public Administration and Justice (KIM)

Dr. Viktória Zöld-Nagy, Deputy State Secretary

The Ministry of Public Administration and Justice is responsible for the harmonisation of government work, for the development of central and regional public administration – which forms the basis of the functioning of the Hungarian state – and for quality and staffing policy related to public administration. Among the Ministry’s priority tasks are the preparation, coordination and implementation of the Government’s justice policy.

The goal of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice is that the Hungarian state should once again be strong and competitive through the development of a well-organised, efficiently operating system of public administration and justice, which keeps the interests of the electorate in focus.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Justice is led by the Minister of Public Administration and Justice, Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics, Dr.

The Ministry is responsible for affairs related to citizenship and registration of births, deaths and marriages, identity and residence records, and tasks related to the specialist oversight of classified data security. It directs specialist work affecting the drafting of legislation, legislative harmonisation and justice policy. It is responsible for overseeing the legal operation of local government, the specialist supervision of public documentation, the regulation of voting rights and referenda, the coordination of elections and referenda, and additional affairs related to public administration and organisation.

KIM is responsible for successful implementation of public administration reform, included it the creation of township system. In WP 6 KIM will provide participation in tri-partite dialogue between the trade union (employees of township offices and local government offices), local governments (TÖOSZ, MFSZ KÖOÉSZ) and township offices in order to enhance to create good cooperation between the newly established and already existing administration units and their employees from the beginning.

-          providing participation in different events, working meetings and working group of the project in Hungary or in Norway

-          providing information for local governments and for other governmental bodies

-          professional cooperation in order to providing public statistical information on different areas of local governments functioning

All national local government associations are member the National Cooperation Forum of Local Governmental Issues, which is a consultation forum between the governmental institutions and interest protection organizations. Within this project we would like to increase the level of cooperation in order to improve the information change and better cooperation between the different level of public administration and at the end to develop the quality of public services and living conditions of the inhabitants. There are several plans for cooperation in recent time between KIM and TÖOSZ as we are working in the same European organizations but within them on different level: within Council of Europe KIM participates in CDLR and TÖOSZ and other associations delegates work in the Congress; both of them with the same aims at the end for developing the democracy and effectiveness.

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