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Graciela Sbertoli, VOX expert in the project

Vox, Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning, is a governmental agency belonging to  the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

Our main goal is to contribute to supporting active citizenship, improving employability and increasing participation in education.

Vox promotes access and participation in formal, non-formal and informal adult education through research and knowledge creation in the field of lifelong learning, through the development of national policy and implementation regarding the provision of basic skills for adults, through our work for the educational and social integration of adult immigrants, through the coordination of national systems for lifelong career guidance and through the administration of different national programs and subsidies.

Sharing knowledge and experience, both in Europe and beyond, is an important focus of the activity in all departments at Vox and our agency is actively engaged in the European Commission’s work for the development of adult learning policy. Vox is the current Norwegian National Coordinator for the European Agenda for Adult Learning. We are the host organization for the Nordic Network for Adult Learning, NVL, and are also the initiative takers and current chairing institution for the European Basic Skills Network.

Our role as Donor Program Partners for the Hungarian EEA program that finances the MANORKA project is linked to the promotion of Lifelong Learning as important component of all projects in this sector. Within the MANORKA project we will be cooperating with the Hungarian Association for Lifelong Learning for the elaboration and implementation of courses for the target group.


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