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2016. April 19.

Dr. Gábor Zongor Secretary General of TÖOSZ  has written the results of the MANORKA project with title Summary of the MANORKA project, the Possibility of Continuation 

2015. November 20.
In MANORKA project one of the most sucessful activities were those with aim to improve equal opportunities for all. The working group discussed many best practices and good local solutions for the support of equal opportunities. On 3th of December 2015 will be held the final conference of this work package in the project.
2015. June 15.


In MANORKA project we aimed to renew the system of Hungarian representation of local governments on national level. 

2015. April 22.

In MANORKA project a study visit was organized to Oslo between 21 and 24th of April 2015 with the aim of sharing experiences on dialogue and tri-partite cooperation between the state and the local governments.

2015. February 03.

Meetings of the Steering and Reference Group, Gender Equality Working Group, Local Government Associations’ Working Group, BEDRIFT Working Group and the Management Working Group will take place in the framework of the MANORKA „Capacity-building in municipalities through Norwegian-Hungarian cooperation” from 10-11 February, 2015 in Lajosmizse, in the Geréby Mansion hotel ( 6050 Lajosmizse, Alsólajos 224) .


2015. February 02.


Bjørg Tingstad, Mayor of Fosnes and Erzsébet Pénzes Mayor of Hidegkút 

participated in Manorka project („Capacity-building in municipalities through Norwegian-Hungarian cooperation”) supported by Norway Financial Mechanism 2009-2014

2014. October 09.
On 1th of September, 2014 was held in Szentendre a workshop in frame of MANORKA project in exchange program between Norwegian and Hungarian elected women.
2014. June 25.
Summary of the interview of Tove Skarstein, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway
2014. April 26.

Manorka project has got a strong element: the workpackage for support the equalities between women and men.

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